Feed the Birds, Not the Squirrels with Our Hot Pepper products

Yes, in the past, an unprotected tray feeder was a sitting duck for squirrels. Needless to say, this type of feeder eventually fell out of favor with the “let’s not take a squirrel out to lunch bunch!”

But no more. Not since hot pepper bird foods came to the rescue by providing a quick and easy solution to these unwelcomed furry critters.
So, the time has come to restore the tray feeder and bird feeding in general to its former glory.

Grab a bag of WBU SunFire® Chips or Fiery Feast®, our Hot Pepper loose seed, and you'll see more birds and less of those pesky critters.

We also offer Hot Pepper Products in:

Suet Cakes and Suet Cylinders

Seed Cakes, Seed Cylinders, and Seed Bells

Bark Butter, QuickBites, and Bark Butter Bits